So here's the thing...

I do the podcast for the love of it. When My wife and I had our first son, playing music in any kind of serious/semi serious way stopped. Which is why i started the podcast. It gave me a weird sense of a creative outlet (even though the creative people are the ones i talk to each episode) - which filled a huge gap i was missing from getting loud. 

To do this, has expenses - not large ones, by any stretch - but websites and uploading stuff to various podcast hosting places costs money. Money i would have otherwise spent that go along with playing in a band. 

So, where am i going with this? Good question... people have mentioned to me about 'you should get sponsors' or 'set up a patreon and get people to pay you for stuff' - both ideas make me cringe, one more than the other, BUT - i had an idea that i got from Dan Carlin (Hardcore History/Common Sense) - where at the end of each episode, he throws it out there - "if you liked what you heard, how about you send me $1" - which i do, very often, because its fantastic content and worth way more than that. Its kinda like Bandcamp. You can download heaps of stuff for free, or - if you're so inclined, and financially sound - pay for it, where you can name your price. 

So that's where i'm at. Dig what i do? Send me $1 (or more if you're a bitcoin wizard, and you feel generous). It's just going to cover costs. Any profits i make at the end of the year will be donated to The Station ( Don't stress if you don't wanna donate, i'll still keep doing this regardless, but if you do - know it's really appreciated.